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Corporate Office Deep Cleaning: Should I Do It?

As the raging pandemic continues to spread, organizations, governments, doctors, and scientists continuously advise businesses and individuals on the guidelines they should follow. But is that enough? Most people don’t realize that their workplace is one of the most common places they can get the coronavirus. And if you’re thinking that the regular cleaning service at your workplace is enough to keep you safe – you’re wrong! To make sure you stay safe – you Read More>>
A Person Cleaning the Sink while Wearing Yellow Gloves

How to Hire a Commercial Cleaning Contractor

Trying to clean a commercial workspace by yourself is basically setting yourself up for failure. Not only will the task become excruciatingly difficult, but no matter how hard you work, chances are that you won’t be able to get satisfactory results. This is why hiring a commercial cleaning contractor is a better option. However, it is important to do some research before hiring a company that is offering commercial cleaning services in your area. So Read More>>
local cleaning company

Local Cleaning Company vs. National Contractor – Is Bigger Always Better?

If you are running a company or a large facility, you will definitely need some kind of cleaning service to make sure the space is always clean. However, picking a cleaning company isn’t easy. The first thing to consider is whether you want to hire a national contractor or a local cleaning company. It is easy to assume that a big national cleaning company will be a better choice. But that’s not always the case. Read More>>
7 tips for hiring a commercial cleaning company for business owners

Top 7 Tips to Follow Before Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

Screening and hiring a commercial cleaning company might seem like a daunting task. And we completely understand why! A good commercial cleaning company can design a tailored cleaning plan that effectively answers all your needs and preferences. It ensures your workspace is absolutely epic and span along with safeguarding the health of your employees. But with so many options dangling in the market, announcing appealing offers and boasting expertise, separating the good ones from bad Read More>>

How to Properly Disinfect Your Commercial Office for COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak has brought a sense of urgency amongst everyone. Now, all of a sudden, professional cleaning companies and disinfecting businesses are a need of the hour. As an increasing number of companies slowly resume operations, it’s vital that all of us have a comprehensive cleaning plan. Not only must this plan entail professional cleaning services – but it must also be customized to your work space. If you’re an employer who already has Read More>>
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